The flight

What if I had sacrificed too much of my freedom – but on which altar? – and my cut wings now wouldn’t allow my soul to live my life and my body to live my soul?

 I healed my wounded hope the day I saw this landscape. I felt a strong emotion, as an absolute memory was awakening again, something much deeper than what is normally called memory and that often is just a mass of recollections. Perhaps the remembrance of Paradise?

Hélène Grimaud, Leçons Particulières

Il volo - Copia

The Flight, 50×60 cm. 2013 Oil and collage on canvas.

One thought on “The flight

  1. This is a wonderful painting for me to see. It combines two recent books for me into one. The first book is All the Light We Cannot See about the French Saint-Malo, showing the strories of a German military boy and blind French girl. The other book is The Painter, which illustrates the mindset of a painter in connecting tranquility and life’s complications. Beautiful!

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