Good sites for poetry lovers

logo_kolibris_bn1Dear Poetry Lover,

I would like to introduce you to this wonderful website. It’s Kolibris, a publishing house specialised in Poetry. It was launched in 2008 by Chiara De Luca, an Italian translator and writer. I got acquainted with her last year, when she headed an interesting writing workshop which I attended. I enjoyed the workshop very much and above all began appreciating her abilities and work.

In 2008 Chiara established her headquarters in Ferrara, Italy – where I live as well, at the moment – and concentrated herself on international poetry. Besides, she has recently started a new multicultural project called Poetry in Translation. If you have a look at the websites, you’ll see that they are both written in different languages. If you are English speakers, it will be sufficient for you to browse the “Select Category” button and follow your heart. Scrolling down each article, you’ll see that most of the posts are both in Italian and English. You’ll find pieces of poetry from all over the world and two websites you can simply explore in your peaceful moments. Then if you fall in love with a poet… you can buy the books in the online bookshop.

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