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I usually read a lot in Summer and during the last weeks I read some beautiful books.

What would you like me to write about?

It is one of the earliest American novels that focuses on women’s issues without condescension. It is also widely seen as a landmark work of early feminism, generating mixed reaction from contemporary readers and criticism. (Wikipedia)

Naomi Wolf’s quotes Kate Chopin in her famous essay Vagina (I have already wrote about Wolf’s The Beauty Myth):

I began to notice that many women writing between 1850 and 1920 articulated aspects of female sexual experience that did indeed often suggest a connection between a sexual awakening and a creative awakening. (Naomi Wolf, Vagina)

My friend Lena’s Ink Cage suggested me to read it and fortunately I didn’t know there is a famous TV series with Daniel Radcliffe adapted from this stories. Thus I read it as a book should be read, without nothing between me and the pages. And I really loved it. But don’t read it if you are easily impressed by medical descriptions. It is a collection of nine short stories about Bulgakov experience as a young doctor in the Russian countryside over a year in 1917-18.

I am now in the middle of a new experience suggested by Lena. It is something magnificent that smells of old times in Paris and that doesn’t allow me to leave the pages…


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