Poems by Italian publisher, translator, and poet Chiara De Luca

This is a poem – translated by Gray Sutherland – by my friend Chiara De Luca, who is a publisher, a writer, a translator, and a poet herself. Her publishing house is a treasure trove of young and old poets from all over the world. But if you click on The corolla of Memory and Animals before the Flood, you can read other poems from her own collections, that I really appreciated. All the poems are both in Italian and English.

  • Here the original post with the poem by Chiara De Luca.
  • Here you can read poetry from all over the world and buy some books on the online bookshop. Get lost among the poets from your native land or distant places…

Now things no longer tell you

you can also go back and hear

the voracious song of the river

when evening bends its back.

To go mad all you need is pain

the leaves have no forgiveness

are grateful only to the hand

that decisively cut the stem

reopening your fear of flying.

Translated by Gray Sutherland

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