My Philosophy

Tony Heff, Underwater Surfer

What would I like to transmit them? Just as the wolf owns the land, and the fish the sea, as the birds own the sky and the gods own fire, human beings must find their element, the fifth element, the only element from which we will never be excluded – our ability to make a difference. Art is part of this element, without which we wander aimlessly, orphaned and unhappy for our entire lives; without which we cut ourselves off from nature and the cosmos, because we become deaf, blind, insensitive, and desensitized.

I would like to help children recognize this space, their space, their chance to find themselves and positively affect the world around them and the space of others, the space that the wolves showed me, this part of oneself that possesses the universe and, with it, time, trough the key of music.

The space of essential health.

(Hélène Grimaud, Wild Harmonies)



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