My sister, my love

A review of My sister, my love by Joyce Carol Oates. A journey through the dark side of America.

Review first published in Italian on

Leggere Donna, 149/2010, Tufani Pubshing


The invisible people of literary realism live again through Joyce Carol Oates’ characters. Perhaps their raggedy clothes are now sequin dresses and cashmere pullovers, but under their cosmetic and smooth skin they are still children, teens, outcasts, and losers in a world of successful people. They are the unlucky children of the upper class, souls who fleetingly meet each other on the brink of an abyss. They search for a fragment of beauty, sense, and love. Their childhood has been devastated by the “Tabloid Hell”, but once in the past they were children.

What did you hate most in that period?

The fact I could never say the truth. And you?

The fact I could never say the truth

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